Welcome New Calgary Franchisee! Rathe Mokelky!

Why did I choose SuperPro Painting Systems?

Well, I first became aware of SuperPro Painting when I attended the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gala in Calgary. It was my first time at this celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and I found it very inspiring. SuperPro Painting Systems was a finalist in the “Emerging Entrepreneur” category. That’s quite an achievement at this prestigious event.

Serendipity seemed to be playing a part when that very same week I ran into SuperPro Painting Systems CEO, Michael Duchnij at the Calgary Franchise Show. I was at the show because after almost a quarter century of working in the Oil & Gas Industry, I have been looking for the right opportunity to run my own business. I’ve done so already as a Consultant. But my income was solely dependent on my own efforts. I wanted some way to leverage both my hard work and experience. A franchise seemed like a good possibility.

I must admit, when I first spoke with Michael I wasn’t all that interested. I had no desire to become a “painter”. Don’t get me wrong, painting is a great trade. And from my Oil & Gas experience I know how critical the trades are. But I personally am a terrible painter! But it didn’t take long chatting with Michael to realize as a SuperPro Painting System Franchise owner my role is not painting. My role is recruiting, leading and inspiring a team of talented people, including painters, to build a business based on exceptional customer service. That’s something I can do. So that’s something I CAN get excited about. And I did!

Over the next several weeks Michael and his team did a great job answering all my questions and concerns. I got to meet the team in Edmonton and get to know some of the key people a bit better. It also gave them a chance to get to know me. This is a long term relationship and it has to be right. I did a lot of digging as I looked at this opportunity and I was pleased to see that they thoroughly vetted me as well. After all, as the number of Franchisee’s grow, in many ways we will all be in this business together, so I want other Franchisees to be just as strong. Or stronger!

What I discovered from all my questions and digging was a great opportunity. I’ve heard the phrase many times over the years but this is truly a “ground floor” opportunity. Although painting has been around a very long time, by focusing on the commercial aspect of the industry and bringing a very professional approach from sales through final customer satisfaction SuperPro is uniquely positioned for success.

And although SuperPro Painting Systems Franchises may be new, the team isn’t. There is some great experience in both industries; painting and franchises. Because of that they have effective processes and tools already in place that will leverage my efforts. I don’t want to or now have to, reinvent the wheel.

So why SuperPro Painting Systems? The short answer is it’s a true ground floor opportunity with a strong team committed to helping me succeed by providing effective processes and meaningful support in an industry with a market share ripe for the picking.

Rathe Mokelky
Franchisee Owner, SuperPro Painting Systems of Calgary Inc.profile close up Rathe Mokelky