About Us

In 1979, with dedication and passion, Kelly Caldwell, now 'a red sealed painter', began painting. Little did he know that his past painting knowledge and experiences, could help him transform the commercial painting industry, to the now current SuperPro Painting Systems, 'business model'. With a team of like-minded partners, who truly represent entrepreneurial spirit, they believed that the company must pass the test..."that the value of its painting services is worth every penny of its cost". Armed with that philosophy, the SuperPro Painting Systems journey began. SuperPro Painting Systems belief, is that a business owner, called a 'Partner in Profit', or an "Owner Who Cares", could and would perform to higher standards and deliver better service to the customer . This philosophy has lead to SuperPro Painting Systems, slogan : Pursuing Painting Perfection.

Give a New Look
to your OLD WALLS!

Mission Statement

Service, Cleanliness, & Value is our Mission. Painting is our Statement.

As a leader in the commercial painting industry, we are committed to our customers. We're proud to deliver unrivaled painting services each and every day. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our commitment to every painting project is with 100 percent dedication.

  • Our Culture
    Our entire corporate culture is also built around caring for you, Our Customers, by providing a great customer experience.
  • Our Vision
    To be recognized as the leading brand in commercial painting - providing consistent, high­ quality, innovative and value-based solutions to businesses and households.
  • Our Values
    Always do the right thing. Be respectful, fair and ethical. Honor our commitments. Encourage creativity. Listen and provide honest feedback. Promote teamwork, and exceed expectations.

Our Perspective

It's not just about what we paint, its about
how we paint it.

This is Our Story ... We Make Painting Great Again!